All-you-can-eat React components library

A design system for creating better user experiences in application interfaces.

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Buffet.js is Strapi's open-source component system. Based on styled-components, Buffet.js aims to provide a good development experience for programmers and facilitates contributions in the ecosystem.

A Consistent Styled-Component Library

Buffet.js supplies a series of design principles to help the community develop features consistently and efficiently.


Buttons - Primary/Secondary

Toggle & Enumeration

Our philosophy

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Buffet is open source

We strongly believe in the principles of open-source and shared contributions. Contributions to the Buffet are welcomed.

Buffet is consistent

Based on styled-components, every Buffet.js component harmonizes with the others to ensure a consistent user experience throughout the whole journey.

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Buffet is for the community

Created with the community in mind, Buffet.js is made by developers for developers. It is fully supported by the core team and by open-source contributors.

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